Musically Pushing The Boundaries

We are The _____ Experiment LLC, a clarinet, harp, and saxophone contemporary new music chamber ensemble that is pushing the boundaries and formalities of our genre. We are a commissioning group of young adults that work hard to spotlight other musicians like us, too. Especially the composing-kind.

Our music is a sweeping range of dark and heavy to fiery and Hellish, to characteristically progressive. No two pieces are alike, and with a sweet variety of our combination of instruments, there’s always something to curiously look forward to with our unique blends of sound.

No other group exists with our instrumentation, and we are always excited to see what composers come up with since there is no reference point for them. Composers can write for us using purely creativity and stretching their imagination and curiosity.

Our goal is to commission new music by up-and-coming composers in order to encourage others to commission new music by a variety of composers as opposed to only playing pre-existing music. There are many talented composers out there ready to compose exciting music. We also want to break the barrier of only forming ensemble instrumentations that already exist and encourage others to create their own unique blend. In the past year, we have commissioned more than eight brand new pieces for an instrumentation that had not existed before May of 2017. In 2018, we won the $1000 2nd prize in the Michigan State University Running Start Business Competition. We are so excited to be producing an album that features not only a brand new instrumentation but also to showcase so many creative composers and expose their genius in creating such diverse works. You won’t be disappointed in the experimentation our music has to offer!